GOLEM Cube on the Divadelná Nitra festival


Divadelná Nitra


We gladly announce that GOLEM Cube goes abroad for the first time! Unique videoinstalation impressed the organizers of the Divadelná Nitra festival and so the GOLEM Cube is heading Slovakia. As a part of the festival off programme installation will be displayed on Saturday 26th September 2015 from 7 p.m. till midnight in Ponitrianske múzeum.



Today at 6 p.m. begins the official opening of the video-installation GOLEM Cube at VILA Štvanice!
At 7 p.m. we will launch a book Immersive theatre and media, published by PRAŽSKÁ SCÉNA at the occassion of this festive ceremony. The publication documents the GOLEM – ŠTVANICE – CUBE project development line. The book is to buy in VILA at the GOLEM Cube info point. The price is 150 CZK.

GOLEM Cube / PQ 2015




WHEN: 18/6 – 28/6: 10 – 18


WHERE: VILA Štvanice



GOLEM is back! GOLEM is in the Cube! GOLEM is on PQ 2015!


Video installation GOLEM Cube is a Czech exposition within the Prague Quadrennial 2015 and you can experience it from 18th June 2015 to 28th June 2015 daily 10AM – 6PM in VILA Štvanice.


The interconnection of audio-visual recording, theatre and film direction, dramatic art, scenography, design, and the polyecran installation conveys the original theatre experience via an all-encompassing projection.


Within GOLEM Cube exhibition during PQ, you can enjoy various off program in VILA Štvanice.




19th June, 7 p.m. Official opening & Book launch ceremony


22th June, 5 p.m. Architectonical walking tour
Architectural walking tour with expert on historical architecture and urbanism Petr Kučera. A commented tour about Prague’s Jewish quarter and how it looked before urban renewal.

Meeting point and time: 17:00 in front of Clam Gallas Palace , Husova 158/20


23rd June, 6 p.m. Golem symbolic
Symbolicism of hebrew characters GLM and hebrew alphabet and its square form in general. Emblem decorates universes. Kabala is just tradition.

Discussion with Jaroslav Achab Haidler


27th June, 4 p.m.Official closing and discussion with the creative team of GOLEM Cube

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